Why Your Great Grandfather Didn’t Have Type 2 Diabetes: The Story Of The Human Body


Great grandpa probably didn’t have IBS or Crohn’s either.  He also probably wasn’t obese or even overweight.  He’d probably never even heard of these health issues in his time. These and other “mismatch diseases” are only a small part of the story of human evolution presented in Daniel Lieberman’s new book: The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease.

How far have our bodies really evolved in the last 10,000 years?  Does the Paleo diet/lifestyle actually make any sense in our modern world?  What are the reasons why our society currently suffers so many “mismatch diseases” like type 2 diabetes in epidemic proportions?

Last week I caught this episode of NPR’s Fresh Air featuring an interview with Evolutionary Biologist, Daniel Leiberman.  Leiberman serves as chairman of evolutionary biology at Harvard University and has just released a book, The Story of the Human Body – Evolution, Health, and Disease, which helps answers these questions.

While Leiberman is not a complete supporter of the Paleo diet for a some reasons, the interview and his book shed light on why we face commonplace diseases today that were extreme rarities just a few generations ago.

This is just a brief post to share with you because I was pretty impressed by the interview.  Here is the link to the Fesh Air article with further links to the pod cast witch is well worth listening to: How Our Stone Age Bodies Struggle To Stay Healthy In Modern Times