Eat Clean For 14 (days) – A Paleo Introduction Guide

Eat Clean For 14 (days) by E. Chloe Lauer

 Eat Clean for 14 (days) – A Perfect Introduction to Paleo Eating

Eat Clean for 14 (days) by E. Chloe Lauer invites you to take two weeks out of your busy life and commit yourself to clearly understand the impact that foods have on your body and how they affect your well being.

Great Prerequisite for Whole30

Eat Clean for 14 (days) isn’t a written as a challenge, nor does it include a community support system like that of Whole30 or other multi-day Paleo commitment programs. Instead, what Lauer has put together is a great book (along with two free support guides) which guides you through a 14 day test to better understand how foods work with, or against, your body.

Lauer provides three optional paths to guide you through the program so that you have the ability to customize those 14 days to fit your personal needs and preferences.

In two weeks you will be able to better understand your body, diagnose any allergies that you might potentially have, generally feel better, and have the basic knowledge and tools that you need to continue with the Paleo diet or succeed in a Paleo challenge like Whole30.

A Nicely Written Book Which I Reference Often

The format of Eat Clean for 14 (days) is clearly influenced by Lauer’s background as a certified holistic health coach and it written in an easy to read and use manner.

I really enjoy this book along with the guides, and I find that I refer back to the meal plans and some of the recipes on a regular basis. I will note that not all of the recipes provided are strictly Paleo. Maybe 5-10% of them are a little loose in their interpretation (which seems to be the growing trend anyway), but Eat Clean for 14 (days) is all about discovering what Paleo eating can do for you and whether or not you are ready to make the leap into more permanent Paleo lifestyle.

Eat Clean for 14 (days) is $14.00

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