3 Paleo UnSandwich Ideas You Need to Try

I’ve been a bit obsessed with unsandwiches lately.  “Unsandwich?” you ask.  I’m talking about a sandwich that has most of the traditional sandwich hallmarks but without the bread.  In other words, a Paleo or Primal sandwich.

So here are three that I have gleened from my Pinterest Paleo UnSandwich board and have been working on my own variations of.  Basically, these are the top tree re-pinned images from that board as of this week.  Make sure you check out the rest of my board if you would like to see several others (constantly updated).

Sweet Potato Pulled Pork Sliders

I would love to share the great image of these Sweet Potato Pulled Pork Sliders with you here, but Lauren’s Latest has a copyright on her images (which I totally respect, despite my personal philosophy of sharing my food images).  So, I am posting the link to the YouTube video showing her making them instead.  I recommend going to LaurensLatest.com to check her great photos.

The recipes for the pork and slaw aren’t exactly Paleo, they could easily be swapped with Paleo versions of your choice.  I don’t agree with using store-bought sweet potato chips either since they are so easy to make yourself, but it is the concept I love and over 40 Pinterest pinners can’t be wrong.

Paleo Chicken Salad Summer Wrap

Paleo Chicken Salad Summer Wrap - www.Pinterest-Healthy-Food.blogspot.com

I love the simplicity of this wrap.  Just make an easy Paleo chicken salad then roll it up in a leaf of Romaine lettuce. This is pinned from Pinterest-Healthy-Food.blogspot.com.

Paleo Chicken Salad Summer Wrap:

  • 1/2 cup chopped chicken
  • 3 tbsp chopped Fuji apples
  • 2 tbsp chopped red grapes
  • 2 tsp honey
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • Mix ingredients together and wrap into a Romaine leaf

Turkey Sliders With Zucchini Buns

I couldn’t find any copyright or permission info on the Living Crunchy website, so I am hoping that I don’t completely piss them off by posting this image with their watermark intact, and by including lots of links to their website.  If you are from Living Crunchy and you want this image gone, please contact me and I will remove the image and all links.

That out of the way, this is a tasty little take on a cucumber sandwich.  Really, the cucumber slice “bread” idea will work with a variety of sandwich guts.  Bacon, cold cuts, a chuck of seared tuna, etc.  Great idea for small bites.